Management of Minutes and Site Visits Online. Streamline your projects.

Visits and inspections to constructions sites online

Work/construction site visits and inspections are mandatory in order to make sure that the progress is advancing and processing smoothly.

The information gathered from construction site visits generates great value but when it is managed on paper, a time lag is created in the process of management administration. That is why CHECKDOCX is such an efficient way of record keeping and communication.

Why is paperwork

Usually, business processes are performed on paper for operative issues, namely for signatures, but this management in the long term will be outdated.

  • Paper is not an efficient or operative tool.
  • It complicates team management.
  • It generates slowness and communicative friction.

We digitalize your information so that it is easier for all parties involved to manage projects.

A practical and useful work tool for users

  • To ease the monitoring of the process.
  • To allow online signature.
  • To generate indexed history that can be searched and filtered.
  • To speed up team work

Desktop Version for the manager

The technical user who draws up minutes has all the necessary tools to make an elaborated document with all the control guarantees over the involved equipment, signing procedure and review.

Mobile version for the assistants

The user who reviews has an easy to use tool which has the necessary information to make concrete, well informed actions from. By gaining access to the document histories, the user is able to validate and gain a better understanding of situations.

How does it work?

1. Access to the tool.

The project initiates with the assets ie. work and the people involved. Access to the tool is always nominal for security.

2. Register users.

Works are managed as assets which we can activate, edit and associate to the people involved in the project.

3. Relate works and people.

The people who we manage have a defined profile in such a way that their role in the project is clearly identified.

Multiproject and multi user management.

CHECKDOCX’s system is designed to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

With people who can share their activity in different projects.

With independent administrators for each work.

Creation of minutes and visits.

The creation of a minute is a simple and clear procedure. We can assign text, images, comments and status. Subjects are created and assigned automatically to the minute which is active in that moment. The pending subjects are associated automatically to the document when it is closed to be signed.

Subject search and filters

The subjects dealt in the proceedings are filed and can be recuperated from the control panel in a dynamic way.

They can be searched by keywords, status of the subject and number of proceedings.

Control the signing and generate a pdf minute

When the minute administrator summarises, an email is sent automatically to those associated to the document.

If the document is not signed, the administrator is able send a reminder.

In the case that not all signatures are consolidated, the minute can be closed without and reflected on the document (cases of serious illnesses, sick leave, etc)

Security and control

As the process is nominal, it is safe. Every person has a unique identifier.

The system administrator is the person with the tool control.

Opening and closing minutes depends on its control.

If a conflict occurs concerning a proceeding, editing again is possible to generate a new signing process.

Archive and history

All minutes are stored on the server and access is available to every project user.

Controls and filtering can keep being developed to bring a further step in the project management. They can serve as alarms to be able to see the pending proceedings in base to the assigned profiles to the project.


2,000€ per year. Unlimited users & Unlimited projects

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